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Fly Away Ltd & Groom Away Ltd: Brand: Who we are…. it’s in the name

Established in 1994 Fly Away Ltd is one of the largest specialist manufacturers of natural equine products within UK market and has since created Groom Away Ltd which has become one of the fastest growing providers of equestrian products for the show ring, natural health care and first aid. Fly Away Ltd & Groom Away Ltd take great pride in ensuring every product in our range is made from 100% natural resources, elements, extracts or natural derivatives producing highly effective formulas all of which are biodegradable and approved by HSE and DEFRA or blended from natural compounds to enhance nature and produce powerful ‘Knock Down’ products through the scientifically developed ‘Disease Control’ range or ‘Combat’ range. Through rigorous, stringent testing and innovation Fly Away Ltd offers natural products which out-perform expensive, harmful alternatives. Fly Away Ltd products are made from 100% natural resources, derivatives or extracts which are not toxic to your horse and remain completely biodegradable and Groom Away Ltd created a specially developed range of quality grooming products to give you the ultimate show ring look significantly reducing grooming time. Groom Away Ltd products enhance colour, remove stains and offer complete year round wound protection.

Fly Away Ltd & Groom Away Ltd: Specialists in What we do:

Fly Away Ltd products only use aromatics, minerals, oils, extracts or natural derivatives. By understanding their medicinal properties and by working closely with Scientists and Zoopharmacognasists Fly Away Ltd is able to unrivalled combinations of products and remedies to look after the health of your horse, naturally. By investing heavily in quality raw materials and efficient manufacturing, Fly Away Ltd is able to combine Holistic, Aromatic and Scientific approaches, all of which are biodegradable, HSE and DEFRA approved and made from 100% natural ingredients, derivatives or extracts which are proven to out-perform the current alternatives. Fly Away Ltd has an expanding range of award winning products recommended by ‘Your Horse Best Buy’ and ‘Tried and Tested’. By understanding the medicinal properties of many natural remedies Fly Away Ltd is able to offer unrivalled combinations of products and remedies to help you care for your horse, naturally and many Fly Away products such as the Coat Shine & Mud Repeller and Everyday Tangle Away have won ‘Your Horse Best Buy’ Uniquely Fly Away works closely with both Scientists and Zoopharmacognasists to produce a wide range of naturally different award winning equestrian products. Groom Away Ltd continually strives to develop new and innovative products, all designed with natural simplicity in mind.

THAT is what makes Fly Away Ltd & Groom Away Ltd different, Just ask our customers!!

Fly Away Ltd & Groom Away Ltd ethos is simple:

100% natural, fast delivery, zero tolerance to defects and delivery customer service excellence.